Sunday, April 20, 2014

On Respecting the Beliefs of Others

Today is Easter, and this is going to sound like a rant. For that, I apologize, but I feel the content needs to be said. I am truly at wit's end. Every Christian holiday that rolls around, people feel the desire to preach to me, try to turn me from my "heathen" ways. To this, from this day forth, I say STOP!

 My problem is not with your allegiance to your faith, or even your desire to share it. My problem is with your overt hipocracy. For these same people that choose to "share" their beliefs with me refuse to allow me to share mine with them. You live in deliberate ignorance of any ways not your own. As I see it, the refusal to listen to others and their beliefs does not indicate anything but the weakness of your own beliefs. For if you refuse to retain an open mind on others beliefs, it displays to me that you are fearful that another's beliefs might make more sense than your own, causing a crisis of faith.

 In the end, all I ask is that you treat my beliefs with the same respect that I do yours. I don't stop you on your way to work and look down upon you for not believing the same as you, I don't push my beliefs upon you and ask you to spend time away from your family to come to my services. But above all, I don't presume to take the place of a deity and condemn your soul to eternal anguish simply for disagreeing with me.

I remain ever-willing to discuss religion, the meaning of life, the nature of the soul, and other religious topics. From this day forth, however, I will no longer accept being preached to with contempt and disrespect.